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Heated eyelash curler

Brush Curve: To be used on natural lashes or eyelash extensions, to open your glance look.

Allows a longer-lasting curve in just 5 seconds, which lasts all day. 


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Heat-up in few seconds. The temperature is studied to be used on natural lashes or eyelash extensions. You can brush your lashes or eyelash extensions daily. One or two passage is enough to obtain a georgeous curve. 

More safety: The Brush Curve is the beauty tool to use if you don't want to damage your lashes. 

Push the button upwards.

Take off the plastic strip in the battery.

Turn on the Brush Curve. Wait approximately 30 seconds until the optimum temperature.

Pass the comb from the lash root of the upper eyelid. Push the lashes up gently while insisting 10 to 45 seconds on the medium of the fringe.

Then smooth until the eyelash end. Start again until obtaining the desired effect.

Do not put the Brush Curve in the eyes. Keep away from children. Turn off after use.